What's Included

The list below details the features and functionality that
will be included with your GoNorth! WEBSITE.

  • Responsive Web Design

    Enables your website to adjust automatically for optimal display on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Value: Gives all website visitors a great experience, maximizing lead generation potential.

  • Contact Us Form

    An easy-to-use form that makes it easy for visitors to reach out. Value: Easy contact means more visitors making contact.

  • Request Quote Form

    An easy-to-use form that makes it easy for prospects to get pricing. Value: Turns visitors into sales leads.

  • Request Catalog Form

    An easy-to-use form that makes it easy for prospects to see your offering. Value: Gives prospects a reason to stay connected when they are not ready for a quote.

  • Request Support Form

    An easy-to-use form for customer service or technical support. Value: Improves communication with existing customers.

  • Service and Product Pages

    High-impact presentation of your products and services. Value: Conveys your unique value and enhances SEO.

  • Custom Pages

    Content devoted to topics of your choosing. Value: Differentiates your brand and expands SEO keyword coverage.

  • News Section

    A listing of company or industry news of interest. Value: Strengthens your brand, thought leadership and credibility.

  • Staff Section

    Information about your team. Value: Positively affects brand affinity, customer retention and credibility.

  • Photo Gallery Section

    A display of images of your team, facilities and products. Value: Allows prospects to visualize your business, strengthening the connection.

  • Video Gallery Section

    A collection of videos about your business, products and services. Value: Strengthens credibility; helps prospect understand complex or new products or services.

  • Blog Section

    A company blog to communicate with the market. Value: Makes your business more personal and credible, expands SEO keyword coverage and facilitates customer engagement.

  • GoNorth! LEADS Access

    Your GoNorth! WEBSITE is connected to GoNorth! LEADS dashboard, enabling you to review inquiries in real time. Value: Sales leads are visible so you can review them quickly. Also, you can read form submissions and listen to phone calls to see how your team handles them.

  • Google Analytics Tracking

    Google Analytics tracking code will be Setup and implemented on the website as part of this license. Value: All visitors are tracked, enabling you to know exactly how your website is performing.